Green Energy and Crystals

Green Energy and Crystals

Green – Green is harmony; it stabilizes. Green is midway between red and purple: it is the bridge, the gateway in the spectrum – as the heart is in the body. The lesson of love needs to be learnt in order to cross green’s bridge. Green is idealistic, socially aware, helpful and selfless. Doctors and nurses are on the green ray. It is dependable and diplomatic. Green can see both sides but can be moralistic. Green is clarity and understanding. It helps you to do the best you can. Green is about finding ones niche. It is self acceptance. Green is prosperous, especially in business. Green is the “good life” and the love of collecting possessions. It is wanting the best. Positive green is the giver. It is generous and loves to share what it accumulates. It is love of working outdoors. Green can indicate difficulty in finding a settled way of life. There may be a conflict if ideas and emotions that causes commotion and upheaval. But with green’s ability to discriminate and balance, this conflict can lead to correct judgement and action.

Associated Chakra – Heart Chakra.

Indications of Green Energy Imbalances:
  • Invasive illness
  • Abnormal growths
  • Lack of control at any level
  • Sense of Claustrophobia, being trapped, unfulfilled, restricted or dominated
  • A need to be in control or to be controlled
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Confusion as to who one is and what direction should be taken
  • Isolation

Crystals to balance Green Energy or the Heart Chakra are Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Emerald, Fuschite, Jade, Peridot, Rhodonite, Garnet, Turquoise, Rhodochrosite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Moonstone, Unakite, Apophyllite (Green).


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