Orange Energy and Crystals

Orange Energy and Crystals

Orange – Orange is self-reliance and practical knowledge. In its role of assimilator, orange is the intestinal laboratory. It tests, then accepts or rejects. It has impetus, and it extremely persistent. But where red bullies, orange bides its time. Orange is genial, optimistic, tolerant, benign, warm hearted. It is friendship, the life and soul of the party. The unkind practical joker is the negative orange. Orange shatters: it breaks down barriers. Orange can eradicate. It brings up the energy of a past event that needs to be assimilated. Orange strength is subtle, It stimulates gently. It broadens life and is very purposeful. Orange moves on: it is the colour of divorce! Orange gives the courage to face the consequences. It accepts what is – and then changes it. Orange will not let sleeping dogs lie. It believes in the community. “Orange” people are usually skilled cooks or good at sport.

Associated Chakra – Sacral Chakra

Indications of Orange Energy Imbalances:
  • Physical rigidity
  • Restricted feelings
  • Digestive disorders
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of vitality
  • Being stuck in the past or holding onto memories.

Crystals to balance Orange Energy or the Sacral Chakra are Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite, Bloodstone, Honey Calcite, Smokey Quartz, Mookaite, Peach Aventurine, Rhyolite, Tiger Iron, Septarian,


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