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The Crystal Healing Shop – Online Crystals and Gemstones Shop – Serving Crystal Lovers for a Decade.

The Crystal Healing Shop, Originally registered and based in Ireland is now in its 1oth year of Business! Now with an Office in the UK, we have been serving Crystal Lovers, Crystal Healing Therapists and many Crystal Related Businesses for an entire Decade!

The Majority of our Customers are from Ireland, but we Supply Crystals and Gemstones all over the World. We offer Low Cost International Shipping to almost anywhere.

This website strives to provide Crystal Healing Information to both Crystal Enthusiasts who are new to Crystals and also further comprehensive information for Crystal Healing Therapists with a wider knowledge, understanding and hands on experience of Crystals and Crystal Healing. Obviously having a passion for Crystals and Gemstones for over a decade we have compiled an extensive list of Crystal Healing Properties which will help you not only identify Crystals but also find out more about them and the Metaphysical Properties they hold. You will also find lots of information about the Chakra System and How Chakras Affect our Wellbeing. This is Vital in understanding Crystals as they go hand in hand.


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We also have a second website which is our Official Online Shop, so if you click any links that redirect you to another website, don’t worry that’s us :-). It’s still The Crystal Healing Shop! We figured that it would be beneficial to have two websites, one that is for Crystal Healing Information and one for Crystal Healing Products. Whether you are actively looking to Purchase Crystals or just find out more about them, its all here at The Crystal Healing Shop.

Furthermore you can Follow us on Facebook or any of our Social Media Profiles. You can connect with us socially by using the social icons at the top of our website. We are really grateful for all of the support we receive on social media, especially Facebook! With 15,000 Plus followers we always show our appreciation by running lots of Crystal Giveaways, Competitions and Huge Discount Codes. Just a few reasons to follow us on Facebook.

Our Crystal Healing Shop has a wide range of Healing Crystals and Gemstones. For those interested in browsing what Crystals we currently have for Sale, we have provided a quick list below:


A Brief Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing and their is much documentary and scientific evidence to explain them and their profound ability to assist in healing. Imbalances in our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies ultimately manifest in Physical Illness and Dis-ease. Crystals can help unblock, balance and realign our entire system leading to healing and well being on all 4 levels.

Crystals work with our bodies mainly through the 7 Major Chakras, also know as Energy Centres, the Meridian System and the Human Energy Field, otherwise known as the Aura. Crystals can be selected by their associated Healing Properties or they can be selected by Colour Therapy Properties. Crystals can also be used in Meditation.

Very rarely are all of our Chakra’s in balance. To get a clearer picture of why not quick browse the information for each of the 7 Major Chakras. We explain how to Locate each Chakra, the physical disorders associated with each chakra, and how each chakra affects us in its different states – With balanced energy, excessive energy and deficient energy. Once you have a greater understanding of the Chakra System you will find it very easy to select the most appropriate crystals for you enabling you to practice self healing.